The perfect choice for your garden

As far as inground cheap swimming pools are concerned, one of the most popular types of nowadays is the polyester swimming pools – made from one single piece or from separate sections, these types of pools are fairly easy to install, in the smallest amount of time. Even if you opt for the monoblock type, you can rest assured – this doesn’t mean at all that there is a size and a shape for all the clients.

There are quite a few of these, and it all depends on the space you have available in your backyard or your garden. Furthermore, you can also come with your own ideas as to how your new swimming pool should look like.

Usually, the base of the swimming pool is flat or curbed, with stairs at one side – but, as said, you can come with your own ideas. Given the malleability of the material from which the polyester swimming pools are made, the sky is the limit – also, for an increased durability of the pool walls, the polyester is usually reinforced with vinyl ester, which can be considered an intermediate material between polyester and epoxy.

While polyester in itself is used in all sorts of waterproofing systems, additional sealing comes when ordering your polyester pool. Whether it is a PVC lining, a reinforced flexible PVC membrane, different types of mosaic, or all of these, you can rest assured – there will be no infiltration and all the water will be contained in the pool.

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These types of pool usually come with all sorts of systems, which are meant to improve the quality of the water. The filtration system, which is basically the one that keeps the water crystal clear, the pool heater system, which keeps the water warm and comfortable, a dehumidification system (usually for the indoor pools), and the disinfection system are all incorporated. Furthermore, in accordance with the highest standards, any of the polyester swimming pools types come with shutters – this cover doesn’t just prevent the leaves and any kind of impurities falling into the water, but also keeps the temperature of the water at the desired level.

Furthermore, this attribute of the cover will also prolong the life of the polyester, since the transfer of heat becomes insignificant. Evidently, you can usually choose between several types of shutter: immersed, electric, mechanical, as well as other types.

As extra features which can be ordered with or after the arrival and installation of the swimming pool, you can choose between any numbers of items. From cleaning robots which can do the entire job for you, to sunbeds and shade umbrellas, every retailer will come with its own offer. In any way, once you will have your pool delivered and installed you will know for certain what else you need in order to feel like a VIP – and you will be one, since your new swimming pool could become the centre of attraction among all your friends, in the hot and sunny summer days.

So now that you know that the polyester swimming pools are the most reliable and easier to install and maintain inground pools, will you decide on making your purchase? We believe so too.

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